Thatchers Children

Wild Billy Childish and the Musicians Of The British Empire are back with a brand new album ‘Thatcher’s Children’.

This is their third album in as many years and has 12 new tracks including the title track, which will also be available in an alternative version as a limited 7” (Damgood 311).

The front cover has been designed by legendary Sex Pistols cover artist Jamie Reid. The back cover has a lovely picture of Maggie in her best Churchillian pose!

We think this is their best album to date and probably one of Billy’s best ever, as usual the songs are fast and furious with biting lyrics and wry observations on today’s world.


We asked Billy for a few words on the album…

“As Thatcher’s children are all under the evil spell of the wicked witch, its been left to me, Billy Childish, to write an anthem against the old custard – and just to prove that I’m not a gentleman of the road, with no boot laces and a dog on a piece string, I also decided to fill in some blank spaces on the vinyl with a few catchy catchy pop songs.


in truth, I’ve not really got anything against the Iron Witch, or her little angels either, and am more puzzled by your Richard Branson’s, Paul Weller’s  and  the mass of baby –bombing bastards who elected her in the first place, but even they have mothers, so reason tells me, and should be pitted rather than reviled.


No, the main impetus behind this an LP was to rite a theme song that Barclays Bank couldn’t instantaneously incorporate into one of their humorous adverts and on that level I predict the LP will be a success.


So, if you like earthy style, and dig rock ‘n’ roll played by a middle aged vermin poet, accompanied by a ginger whisked near-do-well and a real Red Indian dressed as a nurse, then we’re the band for you.’


The Musicians Of The British Empire are: –

Wild Billy Childish – Vox / Guitar

Nurse Julie – Vox / Bass

Wolf Howard – Drums


Track Listing

  1. 1.    Thatcher’s Children (Album Version)
  2. 2.    Loray Head
  3. 3.    Again And Again
  4. 4.    Little Miss Contrary
  5. 5.    An Image Of You
  6. 6.    Rosie Jones
  7. 7.    Coffee Date
  8. 8.    He’s Making A Tape
  9. 9.    Dole Drums (The Wolf Howard Theme)

10. I’m Depressed

11. I Fill All Of Your Dreams

12. Back Amongst The Medway Losers








‘SNACK CRACK’ Limited Edition 7” (DAMGOOD284)




‘CHRISTMAS 1979’ Limited Edition 7” (DAMGOOD295)


‘THATCHER’S CHILDREN’ Limited Edition 7” (DAMGOOD311) *** RELEASED ON 21/7/08 *****