The Sisters of Suave

Track list:

  • 1 Davey Crockett
  • 2 Ca Plaine Pour Moi
  • 3 Santa Claus
  • 4 I Gotta Move
  • 5 Ballad of the Insolent Pup
  • 6 Johnny Jack
  • 7 Swallow My Pride
  • 8 Spineless Little Shit
  • 9 Headcoat Girl
  • 10 My Boyfriend's Learning Karate
  • 11 I'm Happy
  • 12 Evil Thing
  • 13 Strychnine
  • 14 Come Into My Mouth
  • 16 Jackie Chan Does Kung Fu

Compilation of all Thee Headcoatees singles that ever made it onto 7″ of plastic

Four fiesty girls from the Medway towns, Kyra Rubella, Holly Golightly, Ludella Black and Bongo Debbie started life as mates of Thee Headcoats doing a few songs on stage and then came the great idea to do a proper album, ‘Girlsville’ was recorded and a great new band was born.

Whenever Thee Headcoats played Thee Headcoatees also did a set, at one time it seemed like they were more popular that the boys, more albums followed and we did a few singles plus a compilation of all their singles on one nice album.

They called it a day in 1999 and are now all doing various musical projects.

Most of their albums are now available on Damaged Goods LP’s & CD’s