Till You Lie In Your Grave – Miss Ludella Black

Track list:

  • 1 Till You Lie in Your Grave
  • 2 Am I Going Insane?
  • 3 The Brother I Never Had
  • 4 You Don't Know Right From Wrong
  • 5 Monotony
  • 6 Cruel Anniversary
  • 7 A Creature Called Doubt
  • 8 Save My Soul
  • 9 Every Little Bit of Me
  • 10 I'm Not Going To Cry
  • 11 Wait
  • 12 Love You I
  • 13 Dead Sea Fruit
  • 14 I'm Not Playing Your Game No More


Miss Ludella Black is back with brand new LP ‘Till You Lie In Your Grave’, her follow up to 2008’s From This Witness Stand. Yes, 10 long years but worth the wait!

Till You Lie In Your Grave is the former Delmona and Headcoatee, Ludella’s 3rd and favourite solo album released by Damaged Goods. It was recorded at Jim Riley’s Ranscombe studio, in her home town of Rochester in Kent.

The fourteen songs include twelve titles penned by Mick Hampshire, a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Wait’, and a nod to her headbanging days with a rendition of Black Sabbath’s ‘Am I Going Insane’.

Pour yourself a large Merlot, sit back, relax and enjoy!

By the way,the sharp eyed of you may notice that the location of the photo shoot on the record cover bears an uncanny resemblance to that on the Headcoatees’ debut LP ‘Girlsville’. Funny that!

“Of all the creatures, man alone has ears on his stomach.”