Revillos drummer tells all in new book!

THE RHYTHM METHOD by Nicky Forbes – Now available via the Damaged Goods web-shop.

A no holds barred, must-read by the drummer of cult band The Rezillos/Revillos

What happened on tour, stayed on tour: until now… It’s all in The Rhythm Method, a stonking, romping rock memoir of the 1970s punk scene and beyond into the 1980s, by Nicky Forbes (aka Rocky Rhythm).

Delve into The Rhythm Method and experience what it was like to appear on Top of the Pops and play gigs across the world at a time when youth culture was rebellious, before every band had a stylist, labels were worn on the inside of clothes and mobile communication was to yell out of the window of a moving car. You’ll be right there: backstage, onstage, and in the hotel room… You’ll sign to Virgin and record at Abbey Road, have sordid sex in low places, be idolised, and then be discarded.

The author takes you on a journey around the inner workings of a rock group. He throws you right inside the band’s van, on an ill-advised and relentless tour across America. You’ll be in the thick of the squabbles, the laughs and the punch-ups. And you’ll hang out with dozens of infamous groups and characters from a fascinating and unparalleled period of recent musical history.

Former ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’ presenter Mark Lamarr says:
“The Rhythm Method kept me up two nights in a row. One reading it, the next night trying to erase the sex scenes from my mind. A handy reminder never to be in a band. Even a great one.”

With a cover designed by renowned lowbrow fetish artist Vince Ray, The Rhythm Method is destined to become an instant cult classic.

Title: The Rhythm Method
Author: Nicky Forbes
ISBN 978-0-9545985-3-2
256 pages
30 previously unpublished photographs
Size: 208mmx138mm
Price: £14
Publisher: Suffolk and Watt Publishers