Damaged Beer


A limited edition run of 200 cans of beer for Christmas 2019. Not for sale, just given away…or drunk here! Cheers



We have three new Damaged Goods shirts plus a reprint of the classic ‘Hangman Records’ t-shirt as well. You’ll find them in the T-SHIRT section of the Damaged Goods shop


We Spartan Dreggs (Be Fine)


Debut single from Billy Childish & The Spartan Dreggs 2 Tracks – Alternate version from the album Damaged Goods are proud to announce the release of 2 brand new LPs by Billy Chyldish and The Spartan Dreggs, and a 3rd Lp for free. By collecting tokens cut from the sleeves of ‘Dreggredation’ and ‘Coastal Command’ fans […]


Where Have All The Bootboys Gone?


This was our first release, licensed directly from Decca records,this was a numbered limited edition of 500 copies on red Vinyl with 2 free stickers. The very first copy was red vinyl with about 5 spots of clear blue vinyl dropped in…this one is in the damaged Goods archive still! 2 more pressings were made, […]

Isgodaman? (Box)


3 Track, pink vinyl 7″ in a Box with a badge, 2 stickers and a Postcard This was demo versions of the tracks on the album.

Young Parisians


12″ White Vinyl single, which also included a free fanzine.

The Filthy Nasty Pork Dukes EP


4  Track EP, first 500 on Pink vinyl, next 500 on Black. This four tracks EP was recorded live in 1977, just before their “Bend & Flush” single was released. The sound quality is a little poor and the vocals are rather low in the mix.

Farewell My Lovely


This was a 2 track, one sided FLEXI DISC which came with a wraparound sleeve in a poly bag. The Shout disbanded shortly after this and became GENIUS FREAK (see YUBB07)

Rhythm And Speed


London based four piece led by Rocky Rhythm, the original drummer from The Revillos.
This was their one and only single, they played around for a about 5 years and then called it a day.
It’s a 2 track 7″ on red Vinyl
Rocky is currently playing in the latest re-incarnation of the Rezillos and is also known as ‘Bonk’ the original drummer from the Pork Dukes…and still plays with them today!


The Punk Collectors Series Vol.1


17 Track CD only compilation of Raw records tracks from the late 70’s



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