Acropolis Now

Track list:

  • 1 I've Got Everything Indeed
  • 2 Now I Know
  • 3 When The Night Comes
  • 4 I Can Judge A Daughter
  • 5 (MIss America) Got To Get You Outside My Head
  • 6 Lil' Red Riding Hood
  • 7 You Make Me Die
  • 8 Loathsome 'n' Wild
  • 9 Ask The Dust
  • 10 Despite All This
  • 11 I Don't Need No Baby
  • 12 I Feel Like Giving In
  • 13 Dictator Of Love
  • 14 I Was Led To Believe

Thee Mighty Caesars were formed by Billy Childish, Graham Day & John Agnew in 1985 after the demise of The Milkshakes and alongside The Prisoners.

A major influence on many American bands, especially The Mummies, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and many other Sub Pop groups. They were arguably the group that brought about the resurgence of garage rock

We are re-issuing four of their classic albums as four stand alone vinyl LP’s and two 2-on-1 CD’s.

This is a bumper feast for any garage rock fans out there!