Aloha From Holloway

After their first two singles the mighty ‘Gonna Rip Up Your Photograph’ (Already sold out) and the even mightier ‘All My Friends Are Zombies’ we have put together a nice little CD and Enhanced CD compilation of those two 7” only releases plus one exclusive track ‘Can’t Decide’ and both the amazing videos for Photograph & Zombies.

As I’m sure you know The Priscillas are JENNY DRAG on Vocals, KATE KANNIBAL on Bass, GURI GO-GO on Guitar and MAVIS MINX on Drums. Mavis Minx is leaving the band due to a severe dose of Mixtonite doled out by her Evil Nemesis and she is being replaced by

a new Robot drummer called HEGE HOTROD (That’s ‘Hey-Ga’ to you, Sonny!)

If you don’t know what they sound like then imagine The Shangri-la’s crossed with the pounding beat of The Sweet played by 4 girls with the biggest hair in town then you’ve got it.

Their live shows can include the girls dressed as anything from Doctors, Superheroes, Pirates etc and showering the crowd with glitter, fake blood and other assorted crap.

Over the last 6 months the Priscillas have been on tour in America, Europe and played loads of sold out shows in the UK. They also played twice at  Glastonbury, one before the mud and one after and they are now putting together more shows in the UK in the Autumn.

Checkout their website for all the gossip on the girls as well as lots and lots of hair tips!