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Singer Mika arrived London in 1998, with only one thing on her mind – playing in a cool punk band. Recruitment for the now legendary line-up, began with the arrival in London of a teenage brat from Beijing who had everything you could want in a guitarist – Agi joined the band. The second Mika introduced an element of musicality to the bass department while a North London boy, Ergi, provided the unique hard hitting rhythms – the MIKA BOMB sound was born. Things started to pick up in 1999 when the band played what seemed like thousands of gigs at various venues around the country. The band were championed by Radio One DJ Steve Lamacq and received rave reviews across UK. “The best band to ever come out of Japan”-Steve Lamacq. “Four impossibly pretty Japanese girls playing spiky Tommy-gun punk like an on-form Elastica covering Shampoo”- NME. In 2000, they signed as the hard-hitting new stars of Beastie Boys’ label Grand Royal, MIKA BOMB stormed into the West Country plugging their singles “Super sexy razor happy girls” and “Heart Attack”. Fusing Motown, New York punk, 50′ Garage and Japanese pop to form their distinctive, helter-skelter, distortion-heavy pop sound, The four Japanese girls are physically tiny, but once plugged into outrageously overdriven guitars, they are more than a match for any number of sweaty punters in the audience twice their size. With the tragic demise of Grand Royal the album, ‘The Fake Fake sound of MIKA BOMB” was released through Damaged Goods in 2001 – “Mikabomb’s appeal is unintentional, but that’s exactly why it’s so appealing! Bonkers lyrics, Mental Oriental!!” KKKK- Kerrang. Through their short career they’ve managed to play with At The Drive in, Snuff, Hard on’s, Bis, Bratmobile, Ten Benson, Rosita (ex-Kenickie)…etc and will be playing twenty dates throughout in Europe throughout May 2002. On Monday 24th June MIKA BOMB will be holding an all-out party at The Barfly, Chalk Farm Road, Camden to celebrate their triumphant return to the UK.