It’s A Real Cool Baby

Track list:

  • 1 Real Cool Baby
  • 2 Ain't No Rock N Roll Rookie
  • 3 Everything Is You
  • 4 I Believed Her Lies
  • 5 Burt Bullet Head
  • 6 Give It Up
  • 7 Simon Can't
  • 8 Post Apocolyptic Love Song (the end)
  • 9 Musical Bore
  • 10 I Wanna Die
  • 11 Super Woofa
  • 12 He's Got It
  • 13 Honey Bun
  • 14 Paint My Aubergine
  • 15 Running Scared
  • 16 Something In My Head


It’s 38 years since their debut album Cycledelic came out to an unsuspecting public via the legendary Chiswick Records label…and now (apart from the Search For Xerxes album) the remaining three original members of Johnny Moped, that’s Johnny Moped, Slimy Toad and Dave Berk, are back with a brand new album called It’s A Real Cool Baby.

Dg446-10cmIt’s a sixteen track mix of new songs and a revisit to a few live favourites that never got recorded back in their heyday including ‘I Wanna Die’ and ‘I Believed Her Lies’
The original three Mopeds have been joined by long time live members, Jacko Pistorious and Rock N Roll Robot (also know as Rob from legendary Ska/Punk band ‘Case’)

They released their first 7” for 37 years on Damaged Goods last year, ‘Ain’t No Rock N’ Roll Rookie’ hit the number 3 position in the UK vinyl chart and was warmly received by Moped fans as ”sounding just like a Johnny Moped single”, no higher praise could be awarded!Dg451-10cm

A second single called ‘Real Cool Baby’ came out in late January and like the first it has a non-album exclusive track on the B-side…and comes in two different vinyl colours.

After last year’s appearance at Blackpool’s Rebellion festival they will be hitting the road in April for an album launch show at the Lexington in London (which sold out in a week!), a Brighton show on the 29th April and plans are afoot for more dates in the UK, Europe and possibly further afield after that.

A third single is due out in late May called ‘Everything Is You’ and again it’s backed with a non-album b-side which is the full version of Post Apocalyptic Love Song.

The initial sales for the album included some lovely bundles including t-shirts, scarves, enamel badges & more.