Track list:

  • A1 Hard Lovin' Man (Live)
  • B1 Something Else (Live)

The 3rd of April 2022 was a very sad day in the world of punk, fashion and beyond. An icon had departed far too soon, but she will never be forgotten due to her legacy.

The name ‘Jordan Mooney’ was the stuff of legend! She’d “been there, seen it, done it”, in a whole host of differing fields, from ballet dancing; to seeing Ziggy performing live and meeting the great man; from being and looking punk before it ever existed; from witnessing the formation of the Sex Pistols right before her eyes along with Malcolm and Vivienne; from acting in forward-thinking films; from sharing banter with Andy Warhol; to managing Adam & The Ants and briefly marrying one of them; and from the later career veterinary nursing.

Jordan achieved many things in her meagre 66 years, but whatever she put her hand to, she did it to her very best ability. Jordan was true to herself as well as others and was totally trusted by those that had the pleasure of knowing and meeting her.

On Sunday 29th May 2022, hundreds of souls gathered in Brighton at ‘The Official Jordan Mooney Charity Memorial Concert’ to celebrate the life of this truly remarkable woman. Some had travelled across the planet from Japan, Germany and elsewhere, solely to attend the special day of celebration. On that day, old friends and new friends were gathered under the one roof as the perfect send-off.

Jordan had known Captain “cheers me dears!” Sensible for around five decades and during the last few sacred months of her life, she had a Johnny Moped song as an earworm in her head that she and I would joyfully sing to each other: “Darling, let’s have another baby; Let’s make one soon on our second honeymoon…”.

It made perfect sense that Captain Sensible would once again ride again with his old mates, Johnny Moped, in memory of Jordan. Some of the event was recorded and so ladies and gentlemen we proudly bring you this charity record release! Enjoy x

(Jordan’s partner – Nick Linazasoro)