VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘ARE THEY HOSTILE? Croydon Punk, New Wave & Indie Bands 1977 – 1985

Track list:

  • 1 Bad Actors 'Are They Hostile?'
  • 2 Johnny Moped 'Groovy Ruby' (Live at the Roxy)
  • 3 The Marines 'Step This Way'
  • 4 Slime 'Controversial'
  • 5 Case 'Smiling My Life Away'
  • 6 The Daleks 'Tiny Town'
  • 7 Fanatics 'Total Confusion'
  • 8 The Straps 'New Age'
  • 9 The Heroes 'Tarzan'
  • 10 Bad Actors 'One Of Us'
  • 11 Johnny Moped 'Incendiary Device' (Live at the Roxy)
  • 12 The Marines 'Pleasure Business'
  • 13 Slime 'Loony'
  • 14 Case 'I Don't Wanna Kill The Whales'
  • 15 The Daleks 'Rejected'
  • 16 Fanatics 'When The Sun Goes Down'
  • 17 The Straps 'Brixton'
  • 18 The Heroes 'Russia'

An 18-track compilation based on the film of the same name featuring the best of Croydon’s punk and post-punk scene!

Are They Hostile? Is a new documentary film about the Punk, New Wave and Indie scene in Croydon in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. To coincide with the film’s release Damaged Goods Records are releasing a compilation vinyl LP and CD featuring bands from in the film including Johnny Moped, The Marines, The Daleks, Case, Fanatics and also bands such as The Straps who played Croydon many times usually at The Star Pub in West Croydon.

The film takes its name from the BAD ACTORS first single, ‘ARE THEY HOSTILE?’ which featured a 15 year old Griff Griffiths on drums.

Fred Berk & Johnny Moped

The CD version also features a specially recorded introduction by the legendary ex-Croydon Greyhound DJ Peter Fox.

The Heroes
The Marines

It’s been argued that Croydon was the birthplace of Punk in the UK, largely due to The Damned and Johnny Moped. But there was a group of other, less well-known bands who were part of that scene, or who came just after, but who didn’t achieve the same success or recognition. The film and album attempt to set the record straight by shining a light on bands such as Bad Actors, Case, The Daleks, The Heroes and Fanatics.

Fanatics at the Star, Croydon 1979

The music still fizzes with the energy and enthusiasm of youth and the punk ethos of just doing it. And the participants, if a bit older and slightly less slim than forty years ago, come alive in the current interviews as if connected to the mains. As the saying goes, “old punks don’t die”, but they do remember.


The documentary film takes us through the history of these bands, the people in them, the places they played and, through current interviews with “a bunch of old punks”, what they did next, and how formative and important being in a band was for them growing up.

The Daleks
Bad Actors

The film is the brainchild of Bad Actor Griff Griffiths and Mark Williams and will premier at the David Lean Cinema in Croydon on 2nd September with a Q & A afterward by Griff and Mark, and an aftershow party nearby with special celebrity guests TBC.

Mark Williams and Griff Griffiths

Griff explains: “It’s also a film about being young, being passionate, being part of something.”