Sunset On A Legend

This is a double CD collection of recordings by the legendary band ‘CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS’, fronted by renowned author and general good bloke Alan Clayson.

Prior to becoming a famous author, Alan Clayson was chief show-off in a travelling asylum known as CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS. There are still people around who’ll tell you that this was the greatest group ever formed. Certainly, the stage act defied succinct description, and, crucially, Clayson was being spoken of and written about in the same sentences as the likes of Wreckless Eric, Tom Robinson, John Otway and Elvis Costello.

To launch the “Sunset On A Legend” retrospective (Damaged Goods) this autumn, CLAYSON AND THE ARGONAUTS will be reforming for a one-off concert exclusive to the Metro in london’s Oxford Street. Twenty years after what was though to be the final public performance, this will be the proverbial ‘something-to-tell-your-grandchildren-about’.

CD1 is a collection of their recordings from the mid 70’s through to the 90’s including their 1978 Virgin single ‘The Taster’ and 21 other tracks.

CD2 is a previously unreleased live show from the Roundhouse Theatre in London from 1977.


Alan Clayson is more known these days as an author having written books on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, British Beat of the 60’s and Jaques Brel to name a few.


Check out WWW.ALANCLAYSON.COM for more information.