THE GALILEO 7 – Tear Your Minds Wide Open! (Expanded Edition)

Track list:

  • 1 Cold Hearted Stowaway
  • 2 One Lie at a Time
  • 3 Mystery Train
  • 4 Too Much Choice
  • 5 The Mask
  • 6 Live for Yesterday
  • 7 You Tear My Mind Wide Open
  • 8 The God of Gaps
  • 9 The Habit Machine
  • 10 Everything Keeps Coming Round Again
  • 11 Your Face Tomorrow
  • 12 Nobody Knows Anything
  • 13 The Girl in the Glass Case (Instrumental Edit) *BONUS TRACK*
  • 14 You Tear My Mind Wide Open (Home Demo) *BONUS TRACK*
  • 15 The Mask (Original Version) *BONUS TRACK*
  • 16 Everything Keeps Coming Round Again (Home Demo) *BONUS TRACK*
  • 17 The God of Gaps (Band Demo) *BONUS TRACK*
  • 18 One Lie at a Time (Band Demo) *BONUS TRACK*
  • 19 Live for Yesterday (Home Demo) *BONUS TRACK*
  • 20 Grown Up *BONUS TRACK*

Previously unavailable on a standalone CD, now featuring extra bonus tracks of home demos and alternate versions!


This Kentish quartet have now been kicking out keen psych-pop nuggets since 2010, over the course of four albums and several 45s, but vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Allan Crockford’s illustrious past and parallel present, as bassist with a roll call of the greatest British bands of the past 30+ years – The Prisoners, The James Taylor Quartet, The Prime Movers, The Solarflares, Graham Day & The Forefathers – seems to have, weirdly, done ’em no favours. And in an age when peeps of a certain age are going goo-goo googly-eyed over the XTC back catalogue, rediscovering all manner of 60s psych-pop and garage treats, and lionising such moderne combos as Thee Oh Sees and Tame Impala, that the Galileo 7 haven’t reaped comparable plaudits seems just plain stoopid…