The Galileo 7 – There Is Only Now


Release Date: 21st June 2019 Brand new album from Medway’s finest psych-beat combo! Heritage can be a harsh mistress. Ex-This, formerly of That. Past acclaim – particularly when it’s attached to some of the most visceral and elemental rock ’n’ roll of one’s generation – can become both a help and a hindrance; impossible to […]

Johnny Moped – Lurrigate Your Mind


Johnny Moped’s first album since 2016’s It’s A Real Cool Baby! 14 tracks on lovely blue or red vinyl and digipak CD! Also look out for the very limited BUNDLE option too. Time flies! It’s three years since the band’s last album, It’s A Real Cool Baby, but the band have been busy in the […]

Graham Day And The Forefathers – Good Things


Expanded reissue of their 2014 album! Limited Edition on WHITE VINYL The Forefathers are… Graham Day – vocals, guitar Allan Crockford – bass, vocals Wolf Howard – drums Re-issue of the 2014 ‘almost live’ collection of greatest hits and misses from more than thirty years of the Graham Day songbook – with three extra tracks. […]

The Briefs – Platinum Rats


LIMITED EUROPEAN LP ON REALLY CLEAR VINYL AND A SPECIAL PLATINUM SLEEVE Skinny ties, plastic sunglasses, matching bleach-blond dye jobs, bad haircuts and a record collection centred on The Adverts, Buzzcocks, The Undertones and The Weirdos. Yes folks The Briefs are back with a brand new album! Platinum Rats is the band’s fifth LP and […]


Holly Golightly Do The Get Along


HOLLY GOLIGHTLY IS BACK…With her first full band album since 2015’s Slowtown Now!
Do The Get Along features 12 songs performed by the perfect Holly Golightly band line-up of Bruce Brand (drums), Matt Radford (double bass), Ed Deegan (guitar) and Bradley Burgess (guitar). Alongide nine original tracks there are three choice covers – ‘Satan is His Name’ by Steve King & The Echelons, ‘Love (Can’t You Hear Me)’ by the Knight Bros., and ‘I Don’t Know’, originally recorded by Ruth Brown.


The Shadracks


MEDWAY GARAGE UPSTARTS! DEBUT LP! The Shadracks are a three-piece rock n’ roll group hailing from Medway, Kent, with Babylonian overtones. Drawing lyrics from the forgetfulness and lost hope the group aims to play 40 years in the past, but with modern precision. The origins of the group date back over 6 months when Huddie […]


Thee Dagger Debs – Thee Dagger Debs


The story of Thee Dagger Debs starts in 2011. Back then, Laura and Letty played together in an all-girl Beat/Garage band called The Neasden Bees. Time marched onwards and in 2014 Thee Jezebels were born.


Big Attraction & Giddy Up – Amyl And The Sniffers


Raucous Aussie garage punky pub rock!
Amyl and the Sniffers are a punk band possessed by the spirit of seventies Australian rock.


Till You Lie In Your Grave – Miss Ludella Black


Miss Ludella Black is back with brand new LP ‘Till You Lie In Your Grave’, her follow up to 2008’s From This Witness Stand. Yes, 10 long years but worth the wait!


King Cobra – The Senior Service


The Senior Service are back with their follow up to 2016’s The Girl In The Glass Case. Fans of their soundtrack inspired instrumentals will dig this new collection which features the recent 7” ‘Slingshot’ and 12 other fine cuts. Get tuned in to the twangy guitar, churning organ, pumping bass and funk drums that define The Senior Service!
She lays coiled in the dark, her smooth skin pushed hard against the coarse wicker-work of her small prison. Eyes glisten emerald green through the blackness…




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