Do It Dog Style


Reissue of the first Slaughter and The Dogs album that was first released by Decca records in 1978.

I Can’t Come


A compilation of all the recordings by 1977 legends The Snivelling Shits. Now available as DAMGOOD205 LP & CD I always loved their single ‘Terminal Stupid’ that came out on Ghetto Rockers records in late 77 but I knew nothing about them, so when I started Damaged Goods it was something I wanted to unearth […]


Yeah About Time Too!


Long delayed debut album from Identity, one of the daftest punk-pop bands around, good album though!



7 Track mini album from the Killjoys, features all of their Raw Records recordings plus some live stuff taken from ‘Punk In London’
Now available again.


Camels, Spilled Corona And The Sound Of Mariachi Bands


This is a compilation of J Church’s early recordings which appeared on mainly US 45’s and the ‘Surprise Your Pig’ REM compilation. J Church were from San Francisco originally and formed from the remains of the legendary band ‘Cringer’. THE LP IS OLD STOCK AND WE ONLY HAVE A HANDFUL LEFT, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT […]


Live At The Wild Western Rooms


Get your Headcoats on… Cos it’s time for a re-issue of a long lost live album recorded in 1993 at the now legendary ‘Wild Western Rooms’ at the St John’s Tavern in Archway, London. The Wild Western Rooms was the venue of choice in the early 90’s which was run by Slim Chance, Thee Headcoats […]


Takin’ The Piss


One of the great records of the early days of Damaged Goods, just celebrated 25 years since the original recording date, 18th September 1993 where they knocked out this garage classic in three and a half hours at Toe Rag Studios, when it was in Shoreditch, long before the beards moved in…and that’s still a […]


Radio Hits


12 track compilation of the first four releases from Helen Love, sleeve notes by Joey Ramone…YES!


Don’t Cry Baby, It’s Only A Movie


This album was over three years in the making, originally recorded (mainly) at Toe Rag and the studios of WYNU in New York this album finally came out in 1998. It has a lot of cover versions including Psykik TV’s ‘Godstar’, Jonathan Richman’s ‘Pablo Picasso’ & The Razorcuts ‘Sorry To Embarrass You’ Artwork by Miss […]


The Good Things


Miss Holly Golightly’s wonderful debut album from 1995, at this point she was still a Headcoatee too.

Originally a 10″ LP, now available as a 12″ LP & CD/Digi




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