Dirt Don’t Hurt

Track list:

  • 1 Bottom Below
  • 2 Up On The Floor
  • 3 Burn Your Fun
  • 4 Slow Road
  • 5 My 45
  • 6 Cluck Old Hen
  • 7 Indeed You Do
  • 8 Getting High For Jesus
  • 9 Three Times Under
  • 10 Accuse Me
  • 11 Boats Up The River
  • 12 For All This
  • 13 Cora
  • 14 Hug You, Kiss You, Squeeze You

DG314Back with their second album in September 2008 were Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, that’s Holly Golightly and Lawyer Dave (A one man drum & guitar extravaganza).

Following their debut album, DG283CD‘You Can’t Buy A Gun When You’re Crying’ (Damgood 283 LP/CD) they had been touring the world including two, three month tours of the States and one 2-3 month hike around Europe including Holly’s biggest ever tour of the UK.

They stopped off in Spain to record this album in late May 2008 and it followed on really well from the first album, in fact it’s an even better album with tracks like the first single ‘My 45’ (Damgood314) a great song about marital bliss and a re-recording of their last single ‘I Wanna Hug You, Kiss You,  Squeeze You (Till my arms fall off).

Here’s what Holly & Dave have to say about the album…

“In the studio…This particular project was recorded in the middle of a 50 date tour during the only break we had. That week found us in Gijon, Spain on the Northern coast. We had chosen to record there at an analog studio by the name of Circo Perotti which is outfitted with a lovely selection of vintage microphones and loads of ancient outboard treasures to play with.  After wrangling with all the ghosts, goblins and gremlins that inhabit gear and studios of this nature, the record was completed in five days… which is one more day than we spent the last one, so it may seem a little over produced to some!

DG282 DG282-SSWhile we must admit it was probably not the most carefully recorded string of sounds ever committed to tape, we do feel that it suits the songs. We were a bit weary and dirty.  If you listen close, you’ll hear the mud on our shoes on more than a few tracks.

This record is called “Dirt Don’t Hurt”, because it doesn’t.  It was produced by us.
hgandthebo x