HG+BO-porch-antiqueIn 2006, Holly Golightly, after 11 years of playing with a full band, decided to hook up with Lawyer Dave, who had played double bass in the band on a few American tours and simplify things by working as a duo thus HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS were born. Just to be clear The Brokeoffs is just Dave but he does the work of three musicians at least, thus the plural.

Dave had been working as The Brokeoffs for a few years and released one album ‘Rest Stop’ in 2005.

DG283CDSo they set about recording their debut album at Christmas 2006 and ‘You Can’t Buy A Gun When You’re Crying’ was released in March 2007, It’s a winding, dirt track of a record. It’s pitted with potholes, but they’re walking it with ease. They’re enjoying stumbling along, tipping grit from their boots and soaking their sore feet in the creek.

They then headed out on UK, Euro & US tours for the rest of the year taking in many places that Holly had never made it to, it’s a lot easier with two.

DG282-SSThey also released a split single in June 2007 with their friends ‘The Stratford Sparrows’ from Portland, two new tracks including a version of the Holly standard ‘No Big Thing’.

Over the last few years they’ve done two huge European tours, over 60 dates and in 2008 they stopped off in Gijon, Spain and stopped off for a week in Circo Perotti studio to record their second album ‘Dirt Don’t Hurt’ which was released in September 2008.

Here’s what Holly & Dave had to say about the second album…

DG315“In the studio…This particular project was recorded in the middle of a 50 date tour during the only break we had. That week found us in Gijon, Spain on the Northern coast. We had chosen to record there at an analog studio by the name of Circo Perotti which is outfitted with a lovely selection of vintage microphones and loads of ancient outboard treasures to play with. After wrangling with all the ghosts, goblins and gremlins that inhabit gear and studios of this nature, the record was completed in five days… which is one more day than we spent the last one, so it may seem a little over produced to some!

While we must admit it was probably not the most carefully recorded string of sounds ever committed to tape, we do feel that it suits the songs. We were a bit weary and dirty. If you listen close, you’ll hear the mud on our shoes on more than a few tracks.

This record is called “Dirt Don’t Hurt”, because it doesn’t. It was produced by us.”

DG350(RGB)2010 saw the release of their third album ‘Medicine County’ and this was followed a year later by No Help Coming.

2012 is starting off on a good note with a new album of Holly & Dave revisiting some of Holly’s old tracks and giving them the Brokeoffs treatment, ‘Long Distance’ is out in March and hopefully a European tour will follow later in the year.DG389-CD cover