Long Distance

Track list:

  • 1 No Big Thing
  • 2 Mother Earth
  • 3 Eye For An Empty Heart
  • 4 Dear John
  • 5 Come The Day
  • 6 Black Night
  • 7 I Don't Know
  • 8 My Love Is
  • 9 Your Love Is Mine
  • 10 Big Boss Man

 HollyAndTheBrokeoffs - Website 2013Holly & Dave decided to re-record some of the old Holly Golightly songs from her solo days that they had been playing for the past 4 years or so and this is what they came up with, a great album.

We asked Holly about her reasons for making this album…”After many requests to incorporate the best of the solo Holly Golightly songs into the live set, with top-notch backing provided by The Brokeoffs, I have picked some of my original band favourites and recorded this collection for old and new fans alike. 

The highlight for me was the chance to re-record ‘(You Ain’t) No Big Thing,’ the fantastic 1966 Sam and Dave classic that I first started performing live in 1995. It’s one of my all time top tunes, along with ‘My Love Is,’ the fabulous Little Willie John number, which we’ve given a wistful lone banjo accompaniment this time around.  

There is an even mix of cover songs and originals to revisit, all of them corkers in their own right and all of them especially dear to me. ‘Long Distance’ is collection of my good-time-foot-tappers and sing-along-tear-jerkers.

It’s my top ten tracks prepared from scratch and served up fresh.”