Track list:

  • 1 I've Been Walking
  • 2 Go! Go! Go!
  • 3 Money Blind
  • 4 The Boy I Love
  • 5 Push It Too hard
  • 6 I Wanna Be Your Yoko Ono
  • 7 Shiver!
  • 8 We Are Gonna Die

New mastering and new artwork!

1000 copies on cream coloured 12” vinyl.

The Courettes´ debut album from 2015. Recorded in only two days by Kim Kix from the iconic PowerSolo in a small, cramped up studio in Denmark. Unpolished tunes – fresh, raw & alive – and the garage is shaking! Minimal overdubs, no editing, no auto tune, no bullshit. Punk straight out of the garage and a lot of riot grrrl charisma.

Mixed by Kim Kix and Nikolaj Heyman. The album brings eight original songs, all in Mono, including “The Boy I Love” and “I’ve Been Walking”.

Now it’s reissued! New sleeve design, coloured vinyl and with new mastering making it sound way better and louder than ever! 

This album will also be available on CD as a 2 on 1 release with ‘We Are The Courettes’

“Here We Are The Courettes”

The Courettes´ first and second albums “Here Are The Courettes” and “We Are The Courettes” blended for the first time into an exclusively and thrilling CD version. Twenty hot fuzzy Garage Rock tunes filled with energy, vitality, charm and excitement! For listening free wheeling on the road, shaking on the dance floor or grooving in your living room!

Originally released in 2015 on Sounds of Subterrania.