Bend And Flush

Track list:

  • 1 Bend And Flush
  • 2 Throbbing Gristle

THE PORK DUKES are one of the original 1977 London punk bands and this is a picture disc re-issue of their debut 7” ‘Bend & Flush. Limited to 1000 copies.

Probably one of the world’s rudest bands, their tongue-in-cheek, expletive style was the fore runner for bands like The Macc Lads etc. They had to press their debut album overseas so they didn’t understand the lyrics.

The band shied away from publicity and always maintained an air of mystery about them. The rude content of their material ensured they were banned from many gigs, compounding this mystique. The split up in 1979 and the drummer went on to play in The Revillos.

They reformed a few years back and now do a few select European shows every year plus a tour of the states every year or two. They are supporting The Members on their comeback show this Christmas in London.

They released three singles, ‘Bend & Flush’, ‘Making Bacon’ and ‘Telephone Masturbator’ and an album ‘Pink Pork’ in 1977/8 on their own Wood Records, this single sold in excess of 20,000 copies in 1977.

In early 2007 we are re-issuing the album ‘ALL THE FILTH (with extra filth) a 27 track compilation featuring all the early singles and album tracks plus 4 new tracks recorded in 2004 and released as a single on Bin Liner records. (Damgood 279 CD)